The studio was once again split up into smaller teams to finish us the semester. A small group of the Crop Stop team went to Greenville to finishing up the build. The remainder of the studio stayed in Charleston, one half doing construction drawings and worked on the mock up, and the other half hashing out the design and connection details for the Solar D cabinets. I was part of a group of four Reviteers. My responsibility was to program and model the two cabinet walls in the master bedroom and the hallway. The construction method and the interior layout of the house was already designed, the Reviteers had to use the spacial logic of our designated program area and apply the method of assembly to all of our cabinets. Although the four of us had some Revit experience, it was a struggle for our team to get started. Not one of us had modeled anything in the detail these cabinets needed to be in Revit before. It was a learning curve and the hard deadline did not ease the process.  As the deadline of sending our model to the Solar D Team in Clemson drew closer, people without any prior experience with Revit had to jump in to help. I applaud them for jumping in and learning a new program in such a time crunch. We accomplished the detail Revit model and send it to Clemson before everyone left for Thanksgiving break. Meanwhile, the CNC cuts for our mock-up came in and is ready to be sanded and assembled.  I am pretty excited to help put them together.


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