The Calm Before the Storm


So since Wednesday, all arms have been laid down for Thanksgiving Break.  This has been the first break we’ve had this semester, and even though it was much needed, it comes at a very strange time… as in we now have 2 days before our final review for the Solar Decathlon and the CropStop!

So it’s been a very restful and pleasant weekend, and as the cogs get winding again, hopefully thy’re greased enough to get us moving smoothly and fast.

Yesterday a few of us got a head start on assembling more of the cabinet mockup for the Solar D.  Today everyone will be on deck getting that together in addition to starting drawings for the overall design presentation for the house.  This includes documentation, and assembly drawings showing how the thing goes together, much like you would see in an Ikea furniture instruction booklet.  The trick is going to be focusing on what’s important and hitting this out of the park with the limited time we have.

It’s amazing when it comes down to times like this how things almost always seem to get done no matter the odds.  Now that we have a developed team culture, I look forward to seeing how this is all going to come together!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

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