The Calm Before the Storm

So since Wednesday, all arms have been laid down for Thanksgiving Break.  This has been the first break we've had this semester, and even though it was much needed, it comes at a very strange time... as in we now have 2 days before our final review for the Solar Decathlon and the CropStop! So [...]

Group It On

Ever work on a project and think: "If only I had people to help me do this"?   The more the merrier right?  This entire semester has been "group work", and while it is not uncommon in our education to work on group projects, this semester has been a little out of the ordinary. Starting [...]


There is that one house down the street.  You know - the one that you drive by every morning, and think "what the heck happened there?" or "What were they thinking?!" The truth is, we all have opinions on what is good design, or bad design.  Even if you're not a designer, you observe things every [...]


Have you ever looked at a word long enough to realize how weird it is? Lately that word for me has been scale. a S - C - A - L - E a Sometimes we take for granted the meaning of our words.  Upon a second glance, not only is scale a funny looking [...]

What is Today?

Today is progress. One of the most refreshing parts of design reviews, is having fresh perspective from people who have never seen your ideas before.  It's can be easy to become attached to something that enraptures your soul, and drags you like a siren through the long hours of the night previous to a critique. [...]

Looking Back to Move Forward

As designers, usually starting a project means looking at some precedents. That is, researching how the problem you have been  presented with has been solved in the past, and critically evaluating the various solutions.  This healthy exercise can give you perspective, knowledge, and even inspiration on how to discover the project's identity.  This semesters' project [...]