Presents From Studio V

Its that time of year again time for presents! Here it is all wrapped up, the Solar D mock up in all its glory.

photo 4-3
Answer – Hall tail and hope the rain hold off!
photo 3-2
Will it hold?

I wish I could show you more but its a big secret, but don’t worry soon we will be able to share all of our work on solar D. It will all be released shortly before christmas so make sure you keep up with the blog over the break to see the present unwrapped.

However I can tell you a little bit about what we have been up to sense the break. We are all now back into the swing of things and then some. The mock up for solar D will be completed today and then taken up to Clemson tomorrow for the Review with the rest of the Solar D team. We also finished up all of the modeling of our portion of the project right before the break and are now making drawings and coordinating with the Clemson team to make one cohesive presentation of our two parts of the project into one. You might be thinking to yourself, Its going to be a crazy next few days, but thats not all we are also making a presentation for the Crop Stop which will be held at the job site the morning after, and somewhere in all of this chaos we have to get a few people out to the Crop Stop to put the finishing touches on the handrails and decking! We have all got a lot on our plates but I am impressed with how efficient we are being with our time everyone has a job (or two) and is taking care of business.

photo 5-2
Not sure he knows how those work.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of our pieces that are all bundled up under that intense wrapping job in the last picture.

photo 2-2

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