Press Release

I would like to share with everyone the press release Clemson has just released which will give y'all a more comprehensive view of what the Indigo Pine project really is and our part in it. Hope you enjoy, we are all very proud of everyone that has made this possible! Unveiling of Indigo Pine

The Mystery Mock-Up

Its been a long time coming but we can now finally share with everyone what we have been doing the past few weeks with the Solar D cabinetry. The main Idea for the Solar D interior is that there are no walls, rooms are separated by cabinetry. This means that within this cabinetry we have [...]

Presents From Studio V

Its that time of year again time for presents! Here it is all wrapped up, the Solar D mock up in all its glory. I wish I could show you more but its a big secret, but don't worry soon we will be able to share all of our work on solar D. It will [...]

Help Me Help You

As you know our studio is working on finishing up the porch portion of the Crop Stop, as well as getting the cabinetry for the Solar D up and running. In order to complete the Crop Stop a few things are happening, first up in Greenville some extra site excavation is being coordinated in order [...]

Getting Jiggy With It

Well folks, it's crunch time and we are pumping out cut pieces as fast as we can paint them, and it looks like we will have all our pre cut pre drilled members ready to go for our trip up on friday morning (looks like we will all be construction workers for Halloween). The group [...]

And Then There Was ONE

Yesterday the two groups came together to present our concepts to Pastre and Harry with the goal of choosing one to go forward with for our final design, however it was not nearly that simple. As we went through the two designs we started to realize that they both had their own strengths and weaknesses. [...]

We’re Taking Over

  Coming to you live here from The Shop its Adam Windham and boy do I have a treat for y'all. I am a little late on this blog post so I'm going to try and make it up to our readers with a little something special,... I've got a video for you. Click on [...]

The Dog Days Are Over

Well guys and girls it wasn't an extremely busy past few days since our review at the park but I feel like we have gotten a good bit accomplished. Sunday madison finished up the electrical work in the garbage bay we will be building our design in for the next 4 weeks before we have [...]