We’re Taking Over


Coming to you live here from The Shop its Adam Windham and boy do I have a treat for y’all. I am a little late on this blog post so I’m going to try and make it up to our readers with a little something special,… I’ve got a video for you. Click on this link  Welding shop CAC.C Studio V I hope you like it. Its a video giving you a tour of the shop. This shop space is about 2 to 3 weeks old, Its a  large garage bay attached to CAC.C’s existing shop but has been unoccupied until now. We have cleaned up and moved in! So to give you an idea of what you are looking at in this video I start with the wet ban saw which so far has been our most used tool trying to get everything cut (as exact as possible) so that as soon as we get a few of our major pieces drilled and back to us we can be ready for the next step welding!  The welder is what you see next, the blue box with the tank on it, which by the way is my favorite tool in this shop. It has been so fun learning a new triad and has become quite useful already. We have been able to weld together some storage systems which you see on the right wall using the wall space in order to keep the space clean and organized.

I thought the Cheez-its were a nice touch just to let you guys know how much time has been spent in here and how so much more time will be spent in this shop in the next 3 weeks. Next i walk you over to the table with all of our hand rail posts which will be the only visible steel of total 5,000 pounds of steel. Next i make my way over to the table with all of our plate steel which is mostly going to be used for tabs and connection pieces. Behind the table you can see four 6×6 posts which are some of the main vertical embers of the structure. Next, on the ground beside the table you can see two stacks of 2×4 steel tube which are all of the armatures coming of the main structure supporting the deck and in some cases railings. After that you can see two other longer 6×6 tubes that are cut and will be used as horizontal mimers of the structure. behind them you get a glimps of our engine hoist which we are going to use to get some one the heavier members onto of there posts which are about 5′ of the ground and the biggest tube weighs almost 600 pounds so we are lucky to have found that. next you can better see some of our storage and a grinding station, which there has been a lot of already! Then back one of the welding tables and outside to the rest of our steel most of which is uncut. If you notice the flat sheets of steel on the left and stacked up on a tube that is the steel that will be used for the out door proposal. Im prity excited to work on that as well because none of our welding and hard work will be covered up on this structure should be prity cool I hop everyone else reading is excited as i am to keep pushing forward, and I hoped you liked a tour of the shop If y’all would like to see more videos just let me know and they can be of waterer you like just let me know i will be more than happy to.


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