Back to the Grind

Another week began -and moved us closer to our deadline- as we got back to work on Monday. We are ready to send off our steel plates and beam to the water jet, so that our holes and threaded studs will line up accurately. We (the Queen of the band-saw, Minji) have cut our 6×6 tubes into beams and columns, as well as cut our arms for the platform. Before we can weld them together, though, we have to grind everything down to have more surface area to weld with, to provide extra strength. I think all of the cutting, welding, grinding, and heavy lifting has been more tiring than anyone was prepared for. Everything went well for a couple of days, but we have had a little problem with getting the band-saw perfectly level lately, and the Queen is beginning to get frustrated. She’s always got a smile on though!

Our steel for the outdoor structure has arrived, but we are struggling to find the best way to cut the pieces, since we didn’t prepare for how to cut the unique angles in our design. We still need to order our wood, and will be doing so within the next couple of days. Everything is going pretty smoothly so far, and hopefully it will stay that way! Wish us luck.

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