Under Pressure

The wood arrived Monday as we began to finish up the inner steel structure of our platform. We had to break up into a number of smaller task groups to get some things done, and that we did. Over the weekend we bought paint for our outdoor structure, so we began painting and finished with [...]

Back to the Grind

Another week began -and moved us closer to our deadline- as we got back to work on Monday. We are ready to send off our steel plates and beam to the water jet, so that our holes and threaded studs will line up accurately. We (the Queen of the band-saw, Minji) have cut our 6x6 [...]

The Final Hours

We are in our final hours of the design phase! Friday morning is our final design presentation with our clients, Mark and Motoi. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning were spent working out the final details, and now it's on to making yet more models, drawing some construction details and getting our presentation together. We are [...]


Our group design review is quickly approaching, and we still have lots of work to do. At Monday's end, none of our groups were quite as far along as we had hoped we would be on our designs, so Pastre invited us to view the documentary film "Objectified" (Gary Hustwit) with his ITC class Tuesday. [...]

Design Under Construction

It's our second day of the individual design process. I must admit that I have had a hard time getting inspired up until yesterday. I finally decided to stop trying to think so hard and abstractly, and started to think simply. Finally, I think I have something to work with. I'll just call it "Window [...]

Hello, down there!

After the first day of research, I have discovered some very unique viewing platforms, my favorite of which overlooks the Grand Canyon- The Grand Canyon Skywalk. It took two and a half years of construction and some intense engineering before the Skywalk was rolled out over the canyon. It hangs about 4,000 feet above the [...]