Under Pressure


The wood arrived Monday as we began to finish up the inner steel structure of our platform. We had to break up into a number of smaller task groups to get some things done, and that we did. Over the weekend we bought paint for our outdoor structure, so we began painting and finished with touch-ups on Tuesday morning- outdoor structure complete! Chris and Sam got the space ready outside the window of the Halsey Gallery for us to install it, so it should be in place by the end of the week. Meanwhile, we are almost finished with our steel structure for the indoor platform. We are making some minor adjustments and will be ready to weld on the structure for our hand and guard rails. Then, it’s on to preparing the “shell” of our platform- the wood. We have most of the pieces ready to be glued together for stair treads, and have mapped out how to cut our hand and guard rails from the boards. Still lots to do. It’s getting a little hectic with ITC students all being there with us all day, and with our time slot growing smaller by the minute. Six days and counting until we move into the Halsey!

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