Getting Jiggy With It

Well folks, it’s crunch time and we are pumping out cut pieces as fast as we can paint them, and it looks like we will have all our pre cut pre drilled members ready to go for our trip up on friday morning (looks like we will all be construction workers for Halloween). The group that went up to Greenville to place and pour all of the foundations regrouped with us yesterday after a long hard weekend of completing phase one. Having the foundations all pre placed and and most of our wood all pre-cut, pre-drielled, and pre-painted should allow us to be extremely efficient when we get up there and knock this build out in 5 days! Yup that is a 60 ft roof with deck, stairs, ramp and seating in 5 days, its going to get crazy. It busy busy busy with no plans of stoping till Wednesday! Check back in for the new post each day the next few should be pretty exciting, but until then here are some photos and videos from around the shop and site just to give you guys a better idea of whats been going on.

Geting some primer on!

photo 2-1photo 5

Two Jigs!!

photo 5-1 photo 4-2

photo 3 photo 4

The shop yard where the magic happens. 

Jig one in action.


Jig two in action.

From the group in Greenville digging some holes.

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