Measured, Cut, Primer, Let’s paint !

At this phase, studio in Charleston have already finished most main structure components cutting and their primer paint process. The remaining parts are ramp and stair frame. Everyone anticipated into at least one step of measure-cut-primer work flow. Everyone developed a set of their “paint clothes”. Thinking about this Friday we will go to our site in Greenville to assemble everything together, time became really precious down here in shop.


In the meantime, another really important decision we made was the selection of color scheme for paint going to be used on structure. After matched different green gray and white, bought sample, we were end up to choose apple green for our accent color and dark gray for all the columns and decking frame, white for girders rafter and purlins.

Everyone kept pushing the amount of work done everyday, that was the only reason and going to be the only reason we can finish all the prefabricated parts before we go up to Greenville. This was not easy work, but once we saw all the parts were neatly stacked in different piles and labeled, we felt so much relived and we believe this whole project is coming together.

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