Construction Begins!


Rendering of Proposed CropSTOP Porch with Kitchen and Utility Modules Behind

This post is coming to you remotely from onsite in Greenville. This weekend marks the start of our construction for the porch of the CropSTOP 2.0. This weekend we started with a blank canvas that is our site, and began to add to the built environment of the community. Our goal is to achieve a high level of design that will be a positive asset to the community. We are doing this by being critical of our F.C.D.I. parameters. Over the weekend, we have been string-lining markers to begin pouring our foundations in the ground. The porch consists of five (5) 12’ x 9’ bays, with an elevated deck structure and stadium seating extending below the shed roof overhead. This weekend has been a big step for the project as the foundations lay the framework for the rest of the build. The design allows for on site adjustments, but it is imperative for the placement of the foundations to be accurate and level to reduce the added time that on site adjustments require. There has been much diligence and patience in the laying of foundations; measure, adjust, level, adjust, remeasure, adjust.


Laying Foundations for Greenville Site

            In previous posts, there has been discussion of the full scale mock up that has helped inform our decisions for the final design. The mock up also served as a run through of how to square and level the final locations of the poured foundations. This practice run has helped in the process of pouring on site; as they say practice makes perfect. The mock up was documented with a time lapse, follow the link to watch the erection of one bay, built just outside of the C.ACC woodshop.

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