Work continues forward among the studio V group, with a lot of focus being put into the development of the cabinetry for the Solar Decathlon project. While the cabinets are undergoing a refinement in design and details, the studio will continue buttoning up final details with the cropSTOP as well as documenting the process of [...]

Construction Begins!

Rendering of Proposed CropSTOP Porch with Kitchen and Utility Modules Behind This post is coming to you remotely from onsite in Greenville. This weekend marks the start of our construction for the porch of the CropSTOP 2.0. This weekend we started with a blank canvas that is our site, and began to add to the [...]

Developing Details

While the studio is being temporarily split into two groups to focus on both the crop stop and the solar decathlon cabinetry, both groups are working on finding solutions to detailing.  Working through details can be a daunting task when looking through the lens of firmness, commodity and delight.  There are a multitude of possibilities in [...]


We stand at a group at a crucial point in the design process, as we cannot loose steam under a strict project timeline.  The team is now working together to focus on combining strong concepts from the previous partner design proposals presented last week. The group has taken the task of narrowing down a design direction [...]

Identifying Regions

            Previous entries have done well in discussing how the previous Crop Stop 1.0 is being used as a tool to build upon for a new iteration being referred to as Crop Stop 2.0. One goal for the new iteration is to consider how the structure can assist farmers in [...]