Work continues forward among the studio V group, with a lot of focus being put into the development of the cabinetry for the Solar Decathlon project. While the cabinets are undergoing a refinement in design and details, the studio will continue buttoning up final details with the cropSTOP as well as documenting the process of design and construction of the Porch unit. We continue to have multiple wheels turning at once, which benefits from having twelve members to contribute to the body of work. Team members will have different objectives and focus, between both the Solar decathlon and the cropSTOP projects, with work being accomplished on both. It is an exciting time within Studio V as two meaningful projects are at our hands.

Documentation on the design build process of the CropSTOP is imperative for the studio to be able to reflect on the lessons learned thoughout the project, through construction. The architecture + community build program creates the opportunity for students to learn through the process of making, with analysis of representation of the process, enhancing the learning.

The link below is one example of documenting the process through time lapse photography of the construction. The video is the first draft of what the final could become.

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