Developing Details

While the studio is being temporarily split into two groups to focus on both the crop stop and the solar decathlon cabinetry, both groups are working on finding solutions to detailing.  Working through details can be a daunting task when looking through the lens of firmness, commodity and delight.  There are a multitude of possibilities in finding a solution to how a joint or connection should be detailed, but the success of a project can be enhanced when these connections are being developed with all three of Vitruvius’s conditions in mind.  As we push through our final details of the design it will be important to strive to achieve, even at the smallest scale, a balance of appropriate structure and useful implementation of materials that culminates in an appealing aesthetic.


Iterative Drawing Exercise

In order to help the studio accomplish our goal of creating a high quality project, it is important to gain knowledge through precedent studies; learning from examples that have already been produced.  These precedent studies must then be evaluated on how they may begin to influence and push the design we are developing forward.


Magnolia Community Gardens Precedent Study

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