Branding and packaging

Crop stop studio’s work is to deliver a successful architecture piece and model, a hard format of crop stop project to the community. But how community would know what crop stop soft value and concept are? Thus we need something to package it, broadcast it and finally deliver it, which is what our mission is in another course of this semester, community 1:1 class. In this class, simultaneously, we are going to deliver a package of crop stop branding, brochure, website, inspiration video, and after all, core concept.

It is similar as launching a business, our Cropstop needs a eye-catching logo, a color swatch that can be applied to all media formats, a website, a creative brochure that can advertise our identity, a report sums up all the information and an outline to be our guide. At this stage we already nailed down the style of our logo. We are going to present a draft brochure and website on Monday next week.

The most important thing we need to hold and define is the core concept of cropstop and its value that drives through not only the branding and packaging part, but also the design and build part.

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