Operation “col·lab·o·ra·tion”

Now our studio enters into a new phase that its way to function is similar to a firm. We have Cropstop still going on, but also have solar decathlon newly introduced to most people. Our Cropstop is stepping into the final phase in both studio course and community 1:1 course. Cropstop studio still needs to design [...]

Measured, Cut, Primer, Let’s paint !

At this phase, studio in Charleston have already finished most main structure components cutting and their primer paint process. The remaining parts are ramp and stair frame. Everyone anticipated into at least one step of measure-cut-primer work flow. Everyone developed a set of their "paint clothes". Thinking about this Friday we will go to our site [...]

Branding and packaging

Crop stop studio's work is to deliver a successful architecture piece and model, a hard format of crop stop project to the community. But how community would know what crop stop soft value and concept are? Thus we need something to package it, broadcast it and finally deliver it, which is what our mission is in another course [...]

The fusion

Again, we separated into two groups to explore the maximum possibilities of roofs structures and materials, using strategies before we put everything together as one final design. But actually, the fundamental design decisions of plans and spaces that the two groups have made are logically similar. The reason are mainly because of the research that [...]

Variety | Modularity

After we defined all the regions we are going to focus on, our group were separated into 6 smaller groups. Each of them are working on a specific design for a community model in each region. The purpose of this is not only to explore design possibilities for every different regions, but also to help [...]