Variety | Modularity

After we defined all the regions we are going to focus on, our group were separated into 6 smaller groups. Each of them are working on a specific design for a community model in each region. The purpose of this is not only to explore design possibilities for every different regions, but also to help reaching our goal of making Crop Stop accessible to the whole country. And the most important is that by designing varies version of Crop Stop, we will enrich our knowledge and experience base. It will be easier to link points to find better solution in future design situations. It will only help our final product’s portability.

By doing the formal research on commercial kitchen, kitchen appliances, logical work flow and codes, we defined two sets of kitchen volume. (See diagrams below)


The purpose that we use these dimensions is to keep our basic volumes have modularity and easy to be aligned, combined and plugged in by other units. In another word, they are extendable. The principle and reason to influence our design decisions will be different region characters that has been done by previous research and community models which are still under research and deliberation by each small groups.

In this section, the challenge is how we manage the balance of variety and modularity, commonness and individuality. By taking these into different weight, experimenting and exploring, each group will develop several logically different ideas and we will start from them.

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