It has been a busy week for the Community Build studio here at the Cigar Factory! We are working tirelessly to provide various concepts for our presentation next Monday at Frierson Elementary. After our studio wide check-in last Monday, my team and I working on the small group design discussed further the elements and ideas [...]

The Box Trolls

Some of you may have seen the recent movie 'Box Trolls,'  some of you may not have.  The point is that the trolls of said movie wear and live in boxes; precisely what Studio V is preparing to do this week figuratively speaking (though I am sure once the mock-up begins that could become literal).  [...]

Edges, Dimensions, and Spacing OH MY!

Well, we've gone and done it again, the studio has split in two.  The simultaneous development between the Crop Stop and the Decathlon cabinetry is crucial at this stage, since we are working up to our porch build in Greenville next week, and the Cabinet mock up in  the weeks that follow that. The cabinetry design [...]

The Big Picture

  The studio has broken up into six groups of twos to start designing for our assigned regions.  My partner Alex and I are designing for the Heartland Region, which spans Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Because this region contains the most diverse terrain and climate of any US region, we struggled to find a site [...]

Variety | Modularity

After we defined all the regions we are going to focus on, our group were separated into 6 smaller groups. Each of them are working on a specific design for a community model in each region. The purpose of this is not only to explore design possibilities for every different regions, but also to help [...]

Outside the Box of a Stick Frame

Our first step of the design is to research and understand the project. Research and research some more, over the past week we have been focused on construction methods. Studio V this semester will challenge us as both a designers and builders. The ability of exploring new construction methods will make us better designers. All [...]

Open Source Architecture

I have been holding on to this nugget for a few weeks now. Jon Thompson of Thompson Young Design turned me on to this TED Talk after he sat in on one of our early design reviews. Jon has been a great critic in the past three reviews he has been involved in, and I [...]

Group Conceptual Design Review

Today was a huge benchmark for our conceptual design.  Both groups presented strong design applications and solutions for a highly functional GAP shed.  Though there is still much work to do, we were able to take a look at both designs and see which circulation patterns, functional qualities, and structural options contained better solutions.  There [...]

Teamwork Together

Individual Design Presentation-It was a market of ideas. I focused on creating green space, linking three components function separately, which also bring landscape close to people in the shed. However, My design had been thought as being romantic rather than reality. I feel like I still got a lot to learn from the studio design [...]