“Cargotecture!” This should be … interesting.


Well, our research is now in full swing, and low-cost, sustainable construction methods are at the top of my personal list of things to find and figure out. That being said, “cargotecture” is now a new word in my vocabulary. According to cargotecture.com, the word was, “coined in 2003 to describe a building built partially or entirely from recycled ISO shipping containers.”

As we all scramble to become experts in our individual subject matter; it is evident that we’re all a little out of our element. For me, figuring out whether or not cargotecture is, in fact, a convenient, low-cost, and sustainable form of construction is becoming a daunting task. Some would say that; while cargotecture is a creative idea, the methods used to make only one container habitable will ultimately produce nearly a thousand pounds of toxic waste. Not to mention, the questionable structural stability issues brought on by modifications. Opinions on the subject seem to vary with every source I encounter.

At any rate, a few days worth of research has already opened my eyes further to the astonishing innovation that the world of architecture has to offer.  It’s exciting to think of the future, and I can’t wait to move into the next phase of our project!


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