Outside the Box of a Stick Frame

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Our first step of the design is to research and understand the project. Research and research some more, over the past week we have been focused on construction methods. Studio V this semester will challenge us as both a designers and builders. The ability of exploring new construction methods will make us better designers. All of the construction methods have been focused on modular, manufactured and mobile designs. Starting the research on modular we focused on cargotecture and paneling methods of construction. The steel chassis of a mobile home is one of the ideas we researched in a manufactured construction method. In the mobile research we have looked at food trucks and many variations. I look forward to the review on Friday and presenting the construction methods we are interested in to our clients. We look forward to exploring new cutting edge construction methods.

Exploring the unknown will drive us as designers. Sometimes we will be faced with problems, however we will always move forward. I speak for everyone saying this project will be my first experience with many of the construction methods we are researching. As a designer we always think on our feet and we will come up with the best design. During the project we as a team will be faced with a working budget, which will drive our research for many building methods. The building method will be affordable and will strengthen our design. The work is indeed in progress.

Image Cited: http://365falafels.info/website-under-construction.jpg

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