All Hands On Deck.

While the last week of classes continue and Studio V’s semester review is this Friday, April 25th, the Crop Stop is quickly coming together. Currently we have finished applying the metal exterior siding to the two end wall, half of the metal roofing is also up, and the north wall is being started. As a [...]

Soffit Up Some Things

Over the weekend Studio V made a lot of strides forward in the project. It started with getting all of the cypress wood, metal dip edge on the roof, and treated 2x4 for the furring strips. The roof was papered on Thursday and furring strips were being applied on Friday. Over the weekend much time [...]

Learn from the Set Backs

As Studio V learned the hard way yesterday we are bound to make mistakes. This project is most of our first building and construction experience. The building level is amateur for most of us and mistakes are bound to happen. The real key for Studio V is to learn from the setbacks and keep moving [...]

March Madness is Over

Like the past month studio V could feel the March madness. The build have continued to move along and the drawings are on the way to the building permit office. March was the start of spring and some warmer weekends. The schedule of the build started to fall on weekends, the kitchen started to take [...]

Paint and Flooring

Today Studio V is finishing up the final welds to reinforce the chassis and starting to paint and frame the flooring of The CropStop. Welding has been a blast to learn and the chassis is going to look brand new after the fresh matted paint job. Nothing has stopped Studio V as most of the [...]

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Studio V is almost at the half-way point of the commercial kitchen project. Like a marathon runner, the studio started fast out of the gate. The design process was fast and they were no limit to the ideas. In the small group design the pace slowed down just a little and the program was defined. [...]

Demo Day!

This Saturday was the first day Studio V got to see the steel chassis; we plan on using as our foundation for the commercial kitchen design. The idea of building on a manufactured mobile home chassis is the affordability, availability, and mobility of a prototype design. When we got the news about two weeks ago, [...]

Simple Is Always Best

After the first design review the challenge to join many designs into one design started. At the beginning, In our small group design we had to critique all of our individual program of the kitchen and to form a shared beneficial program. The kitchen design started to build from the walls up. While starting to [...]

Rain, Shine, …. or SNOW

Being in Studio V there is no off day. In Studio V our schedule has been planned to make every deadline and focus on finishing our project on time.  Before this winter storm all of our individual designs were moving ahead just as planned. We still have a scheduled review this Wednesday, all of the [...]

Outside the Box of a Stick Frame

Our first step of the design is to research and understand the project. Research and research some more, over the past week we have been focused on construction methods. Studio V this semester will challenge us as both a designers and builders. The ability of exploring new construction methods will make us better designers. All [...]