Learn from the Set Backs

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As Studio V learned the hard way yesterday we are bound to make mistakes. This project is most of our first building and construction experience. The building level is amateur for most of us and mistakes are bound to happen. The real key for Studio V is to learn from the setbacks and keep moving forward. Yesterday was a test for that in that while trying to mount the trusses over the bathroom and porch side of the dogtrot the markings of the placement of the trusses was off by an inch making the two trusses that had been installed to be set at an angle. We realized the mistake while trying to place the dogtrot beam in place. What we learn in the 45 minutes taking those two roof trusses off and taking all to the nails in them was the famous rule in building. The rule: measure twice, cut once; was echoed the rest of studio time.

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The lessons we learn from this project will be carried with all of us. Some of our career decision will build on this once and a lifetime experience. All of the students in Studio V are really grateful to be in the Studio V and to be in such a great Design-Build program. The help from Clemson Extension, Farmer-School Initiative, College of Charleston, John Moore, Carl Simons, Sweet Grass Farms, and many others is what makes this project so special.

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