The Kitchen is Coming Together

Today, Monday February 2nd, we met at the shop in Charleston. We loaded up all of the kitchen supplies for the Crop Stop 1 and delivered it on Johns Island. The kitchen appliances includes- an oven, a stove top, a stainless steel sink, a drying rack, stainless steel shelves. In order to get the supplies [...]

All Hands On Deck.

While the last week of classes continue and Studio V’s semester review is this Friday, April 25th, the Crop Stop is quickly coming together. Currently we have finished applying the metal exterior siding to the two end wall, half of the metal roofing is also up, and the north wall is being started. As a [...]

The Craft of Looking Good

We are now getting to the phase of the project where the amount of time vs. work done seems to be slowing down. However, this is only how it seems, where in actuality, we are being much more focused on the detail and craftsmanship of the pieces we are applying to the project. When framing [...]

Nickel on a string

Do you find yourself dropping your nickels?  We did, and so we came up with this really ingenious idea.  By drilling a hole in the nickel and tying it to a string so that you can fasten it to your belt.  Silly?  I think not. So after another long day of work, we were able to [...]

Hard Work Does Pay Off

  As we continue to push ourselves everyday with the Cropstop, the results can really be seen as you step back and look. One of the biggest realizations big it really is! 60' by 12' looked ok on paper, and some areas even seemed small. But now that it is built up with walls [...]

Learn from the Set Backs

As Studio V learned the hard way yesterday we are bound to make mistakes. This project is most of our first building and construction experience. The building level is amateur for most of us and mistakes are bound to happen. The real key for Studio V is to learn from the setbacks and keep moving [...]

Picture Perfect Framing

Thanks to our teacher's help with the framing details for the chassis (and by help I mean complete overhaul of the original documents) we have completed the framing for all walls in the Crop Stop. After all the walls were standing, wouldn't you know that they all fit together! Usually when I make things by [...]

Paint and Flooring

Today Studio V is finishing up the final welds to reinforce the chassis and starting to paint and frame the flooring of The CropStop. Welding has been a blast to learn and the chassis is going to look brand new after the fresh matted paint job. Nothing has stopped Studio V as most of the [...]