Soffit up, Roof almost on

The soffit on the roof is all up and ready to go. The way that the boards run the entire length of the structure and run out from the walls on either end really help to create a separate plane for the roof. This was a detail that was suggested by Marlon Blackwell when he was here to give a speech a few weeks ago. We have taken a lot of care to make sure that everything fits as precisely as we can so that our details will shine as much as the structure as a whole. The cypress is also a looking great with the light stain we put on it. This kitchen is going to look really sharp once we get the corrugated siding on it. We will be working on the interior of the dog trot today. I will post some pictures later of our progress on that. It is going to look amazing.



photo 1 (1)
Soffit end

photo 2 (1)

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  1. It’s looking so great! I am really looking forward to your next set of photos later today. I am excited for all of you and am anxious to see it when finished. I’ll miss meeting MOST of you when I visit around the 10th, but I’ve been keeping an eye on your progress and am as proud of your perseverance as anyone. Hang in there. At least you are working below the crazy snow line!!

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