We have a roof!

    We made a good amount of progress over the weekend on the kitchen. We finished installing all of the roof trusses, added our flying trusses off the ends of the building, and put our sheathing on the roof. The rain stayed away just long enough for us to finish. Nolan and I were [...]

Picture Perfect Framing

Thanks to our teacher's help with the framing details for the chassis (and by help I mean complete overhaul of the original documents) we have completed the framing for all walls in the Crop Stop. After all the walls were standing, wouldn't you know that they all fit together! Usually when I make things by [...]

And so it begins…

Up until yesterday in the build we have only had to reinforce the chassis and build a full scale corner detail mockup. There had been no building of structure on the chassis. Yesterday, Nicholas Caro was the first man to begin the official construction on the CropStop, documented in this photo of him screwing the [...]

  Construction documents are due today for redline. After drawing and re-drawing this kitchen again and again I can picture the whole thing, down to the nails and screws. Having the builders (Studio V) draw the plans is a big help. Hopefully we won't have to refer to the plans for anything but the fine [...]

The Final Countdown

(begin playing this video now) 12:56 A.M. The whole studio continues to draw and model our final design presentation for the review on Wednesday. Shawn is working hard on our introduction video. Nolan is rendering out the site plan. Nick and Jamie are constructing the physical model. Chris is pricing out a proposal for the [...]

Twas the Night Before Crit…

Definitely a few more things stirring than mice here at the Clemson Architecture Center. Everyone is getting ready for the review tomorrow. The pressure is on with fifteen or so people scheduled to be at our review; as students we will be outnumbered two to one! Working in this second phase has been more enjoyable, [...]

Everyone Loves a Snow Day!

The snow day has pushed back our review from Wednesday until Friday. A few of us met with David yesterday to discuss our designs and what we should change before Friday. As much as everyone loves a snow day or two, we are on such a tight schedule that it will be hard to make [...]

The First Review

The first review on a project with multiple critiques always feels like a testing of the waters. Usually a first review lets you see a little more clearly where a professor wants your project to go. The first Studio V review last Friday was a little bit different. We were not only presenting to professors [...]