We have a roof!



We made a good amount of progress over the weekend on the kitchen. We finished installing all of the roof trusses, added our flying trusses off the ends of the building, and put our sheathing on the roof. The rain stayed away just long enough for us to finish. Nolan and I were the two main people working on top the roof while Jamie and Joel cut down our plywood sheets to fit. Nick, Shawn, and Chris all worked on the last braces and details that needed to be installed on the trusses before the plywood sheathing could be installed. It was a good day for teamwork because there was enough to do to keep the whole studio busy all day. Nobody had to wait for one job to get done before they could start their own.

David Pastre and Nolan Rish working on the roof.
Nick Caro working under the floor with the help of Chris Smith. Using the nail gun under the floor while on your back can be quite the abdominal workout.
Nolan Rish peaks his head over the interior dog trot wall while Nick Caro critiques the nailing pattern.
Inside the kitchen looking out through the dog trot and screen porch.

Our original source for cypress trim and deck boards had shipping problems that didn’t meet our condensed time frame, so we found another provider. From the new provider we were able to get a few cypress boards in the rough at the end of last Friday that could be milled down to create our structure for the screen porch. The new provider will be milling the wood prior to shipping it to us, saving us a considerable amount of time.

David Pastre and Nolan Rish guiding a 1 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ x 16′ top plate through the planar.
photo (13)
The installed cypress screen porch structure. All the screws are placed on the backside of the verticals to help keep the screw heads invisible from the dog trot.

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