Hard Work Does Pay Off



As we continue to push ourselves everyday with the Cropstop, the results can really be seen as you step back and look. One of the biggest realizations is…how big it really is! 60′ by 12′ looked ok on paper, and some areas even seemed small. But now that it is built up with walls and a roof, its quite amazing the progress we have made considering. We have all contributed to get this project to where it is, from Paul and Nolan on the roof all day to Chris and Nick sheathing, to Jamie and I cutting all the plywood for the roof and other places, and Shawn making sure everything is done by the drawing and cutting studs and framing. Then there is David Pastre, who has had to be two people in two places at once. He’s had to organize and figure out drawings and details inside the shop, while helping us construct a quality project outside. I do not envy his job, and hope we can reach the goals he has in mind.



We are now finishing up any last work with the exterior sheathing and now working with the beautiful cypress we have to start the screened-in porch, door and window jams, and other details that call for it. We are milling it ourselves, and Paul, Nolan, and Pastre have done a great job so far; the wood looks great. We also have a stain that really brings out its natural grain and color and will protect it for several years. There are some great example of southern architecture using cypress and how it can be used naturally and look beautiful. Overall, we need to keep moving forward and after the cypress work is done, the metal sheathing will be applied; but that is for another day. We need to stay focused and keep our eyes on the prize!

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