The past 4 days have been crazy, from getting all the shop drawings, lumber, cutting the lumber at weird angles, painting, & assembling the parts and pieces. Coming into the shop from 9:30am to 1:30am everyday was really tiring. But we can finally see the pavilion and how cool it really is going to be. [...]

Pythagoras, my hero

This weekend was a long one. We're nearly done with our CDs and about ready to start the mockup. On Saturday, Katie, Perry, and I went to the site to take out a portion of the community garden fence and mark out the extents of our concrete slab. Armed with 3 tape measures and a [...]

Installation Continues

As you have seen, we have had a group to lay the floor and trailer the appliances out to John's Island.  The wood grain vinyl flooring looks great with the Cypress trim that is throughout the structure.  As the floor and appliances have been placed, there has been a group of students working back a [...]

No breaks! Just boxes.

After our return to Charleston from the weekend build on Tuesday evening, there was still much work to be done in the various other aspects of CAC.C student life. Namely, the first major "Introduction to Craft" project was due Wednesday evening. This project involved each individual crafting a box from wood with a lid that [...]

Surprise Field Trip!

Today's studio session was greeted by a prompting from Professor Pastre for a spontaneous field study, which was a welcome idea on such a beautiful day. The purpose of this field trip was to study a very specific set of cabinets that had various similarities to the set that we are trying to formulate for [...]

We have a roof!

    We made a good amount of progress over the weekend on the kitchen. We finished installing all of the roof trusses, added our flying trusses off the ends of the building, and put our sheathing on the roof. The rain stayed away just long enough for us to finish. Nolan and I were [...]

Can’t wait to do some trotting!

Our dogtrot is one of the coolest features of our kitchen design. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to install it yet because our Cypress wood has been held up in Atlanta until Friday. For the dogtrot, we will install cypress for the decking, walls, and ceiling. I especially look forward to that "punched out" feeling [...]

Columns_Line Up

This Week, all the members of the Studio V are excited because we will put our plan and theory in to practice. On Oct. 30th, we started our work at the CAC.C wood shop. Firstly, cutting one side of the twelve 4"*4" wood and cutting the angles on the other side to match the exact [...]


So today we got the news from Pastre that we might have to redo our deck frames for the cleaning area. This is a possibility because the way our joist are running now does not support the loads of the deck. So now we are getting in touch with John Moore to find out if adding [...]