The past 4 days have been crazy, from getting all the shop drawings, lumber, cutting the lumber at weird angles, painting, & assembling the parts and pieces. Coming into the shop from 9:30am to 1:30am everyday was really tiring. But we can finally see the pavilion and how cool it really is going to be. [...]

The helping hand

Today or rather this afternoon we start off our day by helping Enough Pie with assistance by a artist from redux at the site to paint the mural. As my good friend Kevin mentioned in his post this is a great opportunity for us as a studio not just to help our client but to [...]

So It Begins…

As mentioned by my good friend Kevin aka "Frenchy". I'll be coming at you live this morning! We have started the individual design process. This is going to be crazy in the respect that we have just a week and a half to come up with our best ideas. We have looked at precedent studies [...]