So It Begins…

As mentioned by my good friend Kevin aka “Frenchy”. I’ll be coming at you live this morning!

We have started the individual design process. This is going to be crazy in the respect that we have just a week and a half to come up with our best ideas. We have looked at precedent studies as a group, and now we are looking at precedent studies by ourselves. We were told to pick something out that appeals to us and be able to explain why that appeals to us and think of the most simple way to put that towards our design. Sometimes the most simple things are the best. It may not be so literal to what people want but it’s like a sculpture. A sculpture is something that doesn’t have to take exact form to what the artist wants to get across and that is what we were challenged to do in our designs. To think of ways to represent something in a way that its not literal.

Simplicity & Repose are the qualities that measures the true value of any work of art. -Frank Lloyd Wright

Images above are notes/ quick sketch of the structure I have based my design on.

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