Being Efficient in the Individual Design Stage

Last week after our research and analysis presentation to our partner Enough Pie, we began our individual design stage. This individual design stage is about figuring out what works best. This project has many limits and constraints, a few obvious ones being time, and financial limits. Other ones such as transportation limits when it comes to moving materials, also technology limits when it comes to how we build our materials. These are all things that need to be considered from the beginning stages of the design stage and kept in mind through build and construction.

My design in particular has a heavy geometrical make up, featuring series of pentagons and hexagons. These series of shapes will make the abstraction of butterfly wings in my design. I am currently still researching ways I can make these shapes fit together in a simple, safe, and durable manner. My study model uses specifically cut out shapes of paper and uses the cut marks and folds in the paper to construct a study of the structure. I borrowed this method from a YouTube video tutorial, explaining the construction of a lamp shade.

With a design process that moves this fast it is important to be very time efficient. The time constraint forces us as designers to be very resourceful. We cannot spend too much time trying to “reinvent the wheel”. The things we are trying to do have been done before, we have to quickly research, find, and learn these methods and then combine and alter what we have learned to make our design.


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