Blast From the Past

The past few days have been primarily demolition and construction. This is the first time for everyone in our studio that we are building something we have designed ourselves. We have moved from models, drawings, and the computer into the real physical world. This experience has been an eye-opening one. Understanding the practicalities of building [...]


These past 2-3 weeks have been the toughest, most hard working, work cranking weeks of the semester so far. We've spent hours before and after scheduled studio, spent entire nights, and entire weekends in the studio. Last week we proposed a few designs after a long weekend to our engineer. We made a few different [...]

An Uphill Battle

Meeting all of the needs and wants of clients, compromising, time constraints, financial limitation, due dates; these represent an unfavorably sloped hill. Coming up with a structure or landscape design that is fitting for your site, is the large boulder in that the designer pushes up the steep hill. The designer is Sisyphus. Despite things seeming [...]


We had completed our individual design stage last Wednesday at the presentation with Enough Pie. We took the best aspects from each design and as a team we are moving forward trying to discover the optimal design as teams. This Sunday, before Super Bowl  LII, we had a meeting discussing aspects of our individual design [...]

Being Efficient in the Individual Design Stage

Last week after our research and analysis presentation to our partner Enough Pie, we began our individual design stage. This individual design stage is about figuring out what works best. This project has many limits and constraints, a few obvious ones being time, and financial limits. Other ones such as transportation limits when it comes [...]


Today marks a week since starting Studio V.  The project, in a public space design led by the community engagement group Enough Pie, Studio V’s role is to design a structure for the First African Evangelical Christian Church located in North Central, Charleston, SC. During the first week,  Studio V delved into the design process exploring [...]