We had completed our individual design stage last Wednesday at the presentation with Enough Pie. We took the best aspects from each design and as a team we are moving forward trying to discover the optimal design as teams.

This Sunday, before Super Bowl  LII, we had a meeting discussing aspects of our individual design that will be highlighted and need to be emphasized based on the evaluation we received from the presentation. The meeting will probably turn out being the hardest part of this stage. Communicating different ideas is extremely difficult. Relying solely on words to communicate ideas was almost a lost cause; as was relying solely on sketches and case studies. The most effectively explained design ideas were brought to the discussion through sketches and case studies combined with well explained and intently listened speech.

After a lot of discussion using the 7 individual designs from the last stage, we are condensing the ideas into 3 designs developed by 3 separate groups, and after that hopefully we can perfect all ideas and come up with the very best final design.


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