It’s Crunch Time

This week has been all about putting everyones ideas together and forming the one final design that we will present on this coming Monday the 12th. We met on Sunday and discussed several elements that we all agreed on that should be included in the design such as the placement of the structure and and use of similar shapes. After splitting up into three groups with one or two other students with like ideas, we came back together with Professor Pastre on Monday with three different iterations.



All three of these iterations included the design element of having the structure positioned to where it fit neatly into the corner of our site. After discussing, the top right design was voted out because the truss system that was used is unnecessary for such a small structure and would use more materials than needed. The two other designs were in favor for their use of a lower pitched roof in the back corner and long supporting beams.

After this discussion on Monday we chose to go along the lines of the design pictured above on the left. We want to make sure we include the large beams that extend upwards that support two, maybe three, different pitched roofs. One will be shorter in the back that may provide a space for storage or benches and then the other larger roof will be what provides all of the shade for the area. The idea of a third roof that extends down on the front side of the structure is being considered to block the evening sun that occurs from the west side of the site.

In studio today we hope to start designing the structure with actual dimensioned lumber and other materials so we can get an idea of how much it will cost and make sure we stay within our budget. We also want to start looking at the finer details like how the joints will be held together and other small factors that will make our structure look the highest of quality and stand out from the rest.

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