The Final Design

We are very quickly moving through iterations of our final design in order to have  the best idea to present to our clients in our final review on Monday, and the community on Tuesday.  We have pushed through multiple ideas and through endless tweaking we have settled as a group on a final kite like shape.  It might seem like the hard part is done, but we still have plenty of research left in creating a unique, structural system that connects the roof to the ground in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Tomorrow is the last day of studio before our presentation on monday so we are really in the final push.


Last night we also had the pleasure of hearing a lecture from local Architect Kevan Hoertdoerfer.  He ran us through slides of 4-5 truly unique designs that he has designed and built in the urban area of Charleston.  Kevan described his process and credited his time doing design builds as a major factor in his ability to achieve outstanding results.  He pushed iterations in and relied on the creative process and prep before hand to give him the confidence in building on site.  Something I think it is important for Studio V to remember.


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