Post & Beam Systems

As stated in the previous blog post we have decided on a kite-like shape for the roof of the shaded structure. In addition, we have been working on different variations of how we can arrange the post and beams that would support the roof. Since the shape of the roof is not a typical square this allows us to create a support system that is unique, which could ultimately become a key visual aesthetic that could enhance the experience while under the structure. Being that our structure is not very large we feel that the system we use to support the structure is essential because it will be exposed and we want to create something intriguing for the children and other visitors to view.

On Wednesday in the studio, we began to make physical models of the various iterations that we came up with for the post and beam system and today we will look at all of them and decide together as a team which systems work best for our structure. We decided that making models of the different iterations would allow us to analyze different aspects of the roof such as the pitch, slope, and height. Which would make it easier for us to make adjustments efficiently. We look forward to finalizing everything today in studio so that we can work on our final design presentation for Monday over the weekend.

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