Color Schemes

As some of our team began to put together the truss system for the roof over the weekend, I started to examine different color schemes that we could possibly use for the shade structure. Earlier in the design phase of our project, our client had mentioned about the possibility of incorporating the colors on the surrounding [...]

Storage & Seating Final Adjustments

Over the past few days, my team member Christian and I have been working extensively on making adjustments to the seating and storage that we have designed. A big part of the adjustments that we have been making addresses how the various board slats will go together. We will be using 1x3.5 slats of lumber [...]

Post & Beam Systems

As stated in the previous blog post we have decided on a kite-like shape for the roof of the shaded structure. In addition, we have been working on different variations of how we can arrange the post and beams that would support the roof. Since the shape of the roof is not a typical square [...]

Individual Design Review

Today we will present each of our individual designs for the Butterfly Book Nook shade structure to Enough Pie, Reverend Dash, and the members from the town council. This review is important because we will go over pros and cons of each design, and compile a list of concepts from each design. Then we will [...]

Preparing For Research/Analysis Presentation

This past weekend Studio V worked together to finalize the criteria for our research/analysis presentation today. After the Pot-Luck dinner on Thursday, we were able to acquire some important information that would further help us with our research and analysis. On Friday in the studio, we went over some important topics with Professor Pastre that [...]