Meeting With Structural Engineer & Storage Options

Yesterday we met with John the Structural Engineer that we will be working with throughout the construction of the shaded structure. This meeting was critical because this is the time that we discussed our ideas as far as what the structure would look like and how we think it would be constructed. After we presented John with our ideas he talked to us about the best ways to construct the structure and one of the big talking points throughout the conversation were using a truss system for the roof structure or using separate members that we would have to join together to create the roof structure. The benefit of using a truss system is that it would come prefabricated, which would give us a more efficient construction time. Also, we can pick from an array of truss configurations. One structural method that we all agreed would be beneficial would be to sandwich a 4×4 piece of lumber in between two 2×6 pieces of lumber. By doing so we would use them for the various post and beams that would hold up shade structure.

Another task that we have been given to by our client was to create a storage area where they could store the various books and booklets that would be used for the Butterfly Book Nook and also a space for the stools the children would use. While I was researching possible ideas I came across a method that was used in The Pinch Library and Community Center in China. The Pinch Library and Community Center.  The bookshelves in the structure are created using 2×6 pieces of lumber and sandwiching them between one another, then forming a triangular shape to create the frame for the shelves. I thought that we could utilize this method because it goes along with the method that we are currently using for our structure by sandwiching pieces of lumber together. I’m currently looking at the best ways we would integrate that storage method into our structure without taking up to much space, being that our structure is roughly 250 sqft. I think if we were to go with this storage method it would be a very interesting aesthetic to the structure because it is not something you see every day and it is very unique.

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