It’s Really Happening!

For the past few weeks, Studio V, has bee hard at work refining and solidifying our overall concept for the Butterfly Book Nook. From out last meeting with Enough Pie and members from the Dart Library, we were able to see what ideas were working and those that were not. From there we waddled over into refinement and creating new ideas to solve the problems and concerns that arose from our last meeting. Since then we have been hard at work, attempting to solve each concern. From there we met with a structural engineer to go over the structure of the Book Nook, which each team member of Studio V contributed to with their own ideas of how this was going to be put together. After our meeting we huddled together and trickled down to a solid idea and started to create our detail drawings, roof tiling plan, program diagrams, site plans and a physical model. This afternoon, we should be meeting with a few members of Enough Pie to look at our progress and give last minute feedback. We are extremely excited for what this first idea has become and cannot wait till actual construction begins.

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