As the days go on, we are making steady progress. Our design is continuing to change as we build models and create construction documents. This is a good thing because we are starting to really grasp what will and will not work and we are tailoring the fine details to our clients needs. Since Friday (2/23) in class the storage/seating component of our design has been what most of these changed have been around. We have created a place where the story-teller or teacher can either stand or have two different places to sit on. The bottom will be like a normal bench and the backside of it is where the stools that are already owned will be stored. Originally we had this storage component reach all the way up to the ceiling of the structure but after meeting with Enough Pie again we lowered this down so the story-teller would have a place to rest their props/books and could even sit on top of it to be even more higher up than the children. We loved this idea because it helped us eliminate completely another storage issue we were having.

This weekend we are planning on splitting up the class into two groups where one will stay in Charleston and one will be traveling back to Clemson. The Charleston group is planning to begin demolition of the existing structure that is on the site and will start leveling out the ground and getting everything ready for the beginning of construction for our shade structure. The Clemson group is going back to the university to use the CNC machine to cut out all of the 200 something panels of ACM for our roofing structure.


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