And then there was light!

So it has been a while since anyone of us has updated on the status of the Butterfly Book Nook Project, but it is finally complete. A lot of us have worked hard and long hours trying to complete this project with the best of our abilities. The roof panels thanks to troy and Austin [...]

It’s Really Happening!

For the past few weeks, Studio V, has bee hard at work refining and solidifying our overall concept for the Butterfly Book Nook. From out last meeting with Enough Pie and members from the Dart Library, we were able to see what ideas were working and those that were not. From there we waddled over [...]

Meetings, Ideas and Pushing Forward

Yesterday Enough Pie held a potluck at First African Evangelical Church to discuss how we were moving forward with the project, as well as open up for questions and new ideas. From our review on Monday, we were tasked with improving our design, we were faced with improving the pitch of the roof and implementing [...]

The Weekend Grind

After we got our hands dirty and helped paint the mural at First Evangelical we headed back to studio to brainstorm and move forward with our design. We met and had a brainstorming session to come up with idea on how to move forward with the design. From that Friday each member chose an idea [...]

Models, Precedents and More

As the studio's individual design deadline approaches, many of us have begun focusing on one design and refining it to fit the Butterfly Book Nook site. Each one of us have chosen different aspects of our precedent studies to move forward into our individual designs. With that in mind, each one of us face the [...]