First African Evangelical Christian Church Visit.

IMG_6627This past Friday, January 12th, our studio met with members, Cathryn Zommer and Bennett Jones from Enough Pie to get an overall idea of what was expected from the First African Evangelical Church project. At the meeting plenty of ideas and thoughts were added into the mixing pot and got the thinking gears rolling. After our meeting we toured projects from past years to get a feel for the caliber and prestige that past projects have received.

After our meeting on Friday the studio group as a whole began the research phase of the design process. Each member was assigned a different subject to study and research, this included the architecture of a butterfly, sun studies, vehicular/pedestrian circulation and traffic, shade structure precedents, the John L. Dart Library and the future of Poinsett St. just to name a few. All of these aspects are very much key and important for understanding which design elements should be included and which should be left out.

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