Today marks a week since starting Studio V.  The project, in a public space design led by the community engagement group Enough Pie, Studio V’s role is to design a structure for the First African Evangelical Christian Church located in North Central, Charleston, SC. During the first week,  Studio V delved into the design process exploring the factors that will shape the type of structure we make, the factors being: Dart Library, the North Central community, Enough Pie, materials, the sun, wind, foot traffic, the surrounding area, among other things. All of these factors must be considered before build begins as our goal as designers is to make sure our structure belongs in all contexts.

After the beginning stages of research and stepping on-site a few days ago, Studio V looks forward to the powerful impact it can make on the North Central community and all of its parts.

“With great power, comes great responsibility”  – Uncle BenIMG_0034 (1).jpgIMG_5822.JPG

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