Models, Precedents and More

As the studio’s individual design deadline approaches, many of us have begun focusing on one design and refining it to fit the Butterfly Book Nook site. Each one of us have chosen different aspects of our precedent studies to move forward into our individual designs. With that in mind, each one of us face the struggle of figuring out the perfect way to represent and present our individual designs. In the end of this phase, we will hold a panel review and pick aspects of each design to move forward with. Personally I have decided to take aspects of Studio V’s Corrine Jones Playground project as well as Bjork Ingles Group (BIG) Serpentine Pavilion project.

I really enjoyed the concept of using modular units to create a unique seating arrangement or structure. In my design, I took from the Corrine Playground project, the idea of using a wall as seating as well as an area to climb on. With the pavilion project by BIG, I took the idea of using the modular units to create an interior, yet exterior space. All in all, I believe that everyone’s design will be successful and cannot wait till the review to reveal each others ideas and concepts.





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