The Weekend Grind

After we got our hands dirty and helped paint the mural at First Evangelical we headed back to studio to brainstorm and move forward with our design. We met and had a brainstorming session to come up with idea on how to move forward with the design. From that Friday each member chose an idea or concept to further investigate. Some looked at different types of materials to pursue, the cost of certain materials, how to obtain materials and methods of construction. We then met on Sunday afternoon to stockpile our findings and Frankenstein a Butterfly Book Nook. During our meeting on Sunday, ideas flew around the room; some ideas sparked interest while others burned out. IMG_1573Eventually the group as a whole decided to break into groups and come up with 3 solid ideas for the Book Nook. The biggest challenge from here was to determine the proper method for presenting each groups idea. Some of the groups chose to create models, while others chose to move forward with graphics and diagrams. IMG_1570

IMG_1571While the studio was caught up working, being Super Bowl Sunday we had to take a small break to watch the game. The studio had fun watching the game and taking a break from working to enjoy ourselves and watch a great game. Overall I feel very positive about our meeting, our work and feel that the studio has had a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to keep moving forward.

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