Meetings, Ideas and Pushing Forward

Yesterday Enough Pie held a potluck at First African Evangelical Church to discuss how we were moving forward with the project, as well as open up for questions and new ideas. From our review on Monday, we were tasked with improving our design, we were faced with improving the pitch of the roof and implementing the newly added Aluminum composite material into the roof. We worked hard through the night and presented what we had come up with to the congregation from First African Evangelical, Enough Pie and a few member from the Dart Library. The meeting started off with ideas and concerns flying, some of the concerns that flew by included the problem of seating and how that would be resolved. The idea of the small budget came up a few times, but ideas of possible fundraisers and reaching out to certain people for donations to resolve the issue were brought up. Another issue that was brought up, dealing with the ACM paneling, was how could it be cleaned if it were being tiled on the roof. All around the potluck dinner was a success and helped us all in improving the design a bit more and presented new challenges for us to face. I’d just like to reach out to Enough Pie, Dart Library, and First African Evangelical Church for hosting such a great dinner last night and for the opportunity to design the pavilion.

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