Materials and Final Details

After meeting with Enough Pie and the First African Evangelical Church on Tuesday we gained some new perspectives and ideas on our shade pavilion design. We have decided that we are going to use an aluminum composite material (ACM) for the roofing of the structure. There were a few concerns from our clients on this material because it is going to be white so it may show wear and tear easy. Also it was a slight concern that the way that we proposed to lay the material on the support system may cause a build up of leaves or other debris. With this being said, from now until Monday we are working on ways to resolves these issues with how the ACM will be laid and fastened to the structure.

We have also decided on an overall shape of the roof. We are still trying to work out some kinks with how the shape fits in relation to the existing fence that will be behind it and wether or not the shape will have an organic look to in or more linear. Our clients request that we include seating and storage into the design as well. We have been keeping this in mind from the beginning of the design process but now that we have the structure pretty much fully designed we are not starting to really look at how we can incorporate the seating and storage. We are looking at ways the storage can be suspended from the back two posts and create a “backdrop” for the story teller to stand in front of. As of right now we are thinking there will be a small stage/bench that will be attached to this storage component that the teacher or story teller may sit or stand on. We are also looking at different ways seating can be added to the two front posts. We are thinking the seating will wrap around the posts and will either be made out of wood or cement.

By Monday we wish to have all of these issues fully resolved so we can be prepared for our meeting with the structural engineer. After this we will start our construction documents and full scale mock ups.


Below is an image of the Clemson Solar Decathlon house that was built using the ACM panels for the entire siding. We have been graciously given all of this material to be used for our roofing system.


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