Meetings, Ideas and Pushing Forward

Yesterday Enough Pie held a potluck at First African Evangelical Church to discuss how we were moving forward with the project, as well as open up for questions and new ideas. From our review on Monday, we were tasked with improving our design, we were faced with improving the pitch of the roof and implementing [...]

The Earth Keeps On Spinning

Have you ever looked really hard at one of the numbered boxes on your calendar? That box represents the earth completing a 360-degree rotation and 584,000,000 miles travelled on its yearly revolution around the Sun. At the equator, the earth is spinning at 1,040 miles per hour. Even in the stillest moment, things are moving [...]

A Low-Country Collaboration

As we begin our final push for the design of the commercial kitchen, we want to take a step back, look everything over, and talk it all through. Combining the ideas and methods between two talented groups can be frustrating at times, however this current Studio V team is certainly embracing the new comradery in [...]

What’s The Story Morning Glory?

With my first post I'm not particularly interested in rehashing today's events with you, or even my list of ideas, though that will eventually come with time. Right now I want to discuss the meaning of this project, what good will come from it, and who it affects, after all that's why five students have [...]