Tagging Steel

The past few days for me have been spent fabricating the steel post members that will support the CropStop's handrail, which we will be installing this upcoming weekend. Specifically, the last three days have been spent finishing these posts. When you start building something from raw steel, there are various steps you have to take [...]

No breaks! Just boxes.

After our return to Charleston from the weekend build on Tuesday evening, there was still much work to be done in the various other aspects of CAC.C student life. Namely, the first major "Introduction to Craft" project was due Wednesday evening. This project involved each individual crafting a box from wood with a lid that [...]

Surprise Field Trip!

Today's studio session was greeted by a prompting from Professor Pastre for a spontaneous field study, which was a welcome idea on such a beautiful day. The purpose of this field trip was to study a very specific set of cabinets that had various similarities to the set that we are trying to formulate for [...]

The Earth Keeps On Spinning

Have you ever looked really hard at one of the numbered boxes on your calendar? That box represents the earth completing a 360-degree rotation and 584,000,000 miles travelled on its yearly revolution around the Sun. At the equator, the earth is spinning at 1,040 miles per hour. Even in the stillest moment, things are moving [...]